Politics, Oh the tangled web we weave….Part II

Politics, Oh the tangled web we weave….Part II

Money.  Money is the root of all evil, you have heard that before right?  Well in relation to politics this is particularly true.  Behind every successful politician is a big pile of MONEY!    Republicans are well known for cozying up to the big corporations and Wall St.  So if you were against that kind of influence you could just vote for the other side, right?  Well for some reason it is not that simple.  While the big multinational companies do have a lot of pull with Republican politicians the really weird thing is they seem to spend a lot of time with Democrat politicians as well.  Did I mention those secret meetings that Hilary had with the folks from Goldman Sachs and other Wall St. big wigs?  By no means is she the only Democrat politician that cozy’s up to the Wall St. crowd.  Well how can that be?  The Democrats don’t like those rich people, right? Well at least that is the way they portray themselves.  Ask yourself why in each successive administration, Republican or Democrat, people from Goldman Sachs have high ranking positions?  Weird huh?

In the early days of the country politicians would leave a successful life as a business man or owner of a farm and take a job as a Congressman or Senator to serve the country.  After a term or so they would go back to their life no better off than when they came in.  That is why they referred to it as service.  It was a job that you sacrificed your way of life and source of income to serve your country.  Somewhere along the way that idea got totally lost.  Now a days people of relatively modest means start their political life,  then within a fairly short period of time they become very well off. Then after being in politics for thirty years they retire a multi-millionaire. Do they really get paid that much?  How many times have you heard a politician boast about their 30 years of service to the country? You can actually look up on line how many politicians go into the job  middle class and come out millionaires, it is astounding.  I didn’t know that enriching yourself for years  really qualified as “service”.

The point here is the politicians that “we the people” put into office are looking out for their special interest groups and not us.  Don’t try to rationalize it when it is your side that is getting the money.  You see that is a huge part of the problem here.  “We the people” are becoming like Hannity and Maddow!  Instead of calling out wrong for being wrong we look for excuses when the wrong is on “our” side.   The kind of influence money has is not good for any of us.  It doesn’t matter if you are on the right or the left your politicians are not fighting to represent you.  They are selling you lies meanwhile serving their lord and masters, the special interest.  We have to wake up to this.  Do you really think there is a difference between George Soros and the Coke brothers?  Do they really care about you or your issues?  If you think they do you are fooling yourself and living in a dream world.  You would think that because we have to live with the decisions that these politicians make that we would put the best and the brightest in office.  You would think that we would have the countries best minds deciding the future of our country.  The truth is what we have is a group of people that represent the worst in our country and that if ranked in order of intelligence would not score higher than a bunch of high school drop outs.  They debate and vote into law health bills when almost none of them have any experience as medical or healthcare professionals.  They make decisions on the economy when I would be surprised if many of them could put two and two together and come up with the right answer. These people are making decisions that will affect all of us for years to come.  Do you really think Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi represent the brightest minds in the country?

If you are on the right or left you are getting the wool pulled over your eyes.  These parties do not represent you or our country.  Why is our country so divided right now?  Because these people and the people that fund them want it that way. We are being played!   Every issue that comes up they both will conflate it and attach all sorts of meaning behind it that isn’t there.  Take immigration.  Let’s look at our history in regard to immigration.  America has a long history of legal immigration.  My Dad’s family came from Ireland and emigrated to the U.S.  My mother’s father was from Canada and he emigrated to the U.S.  Many of us have grandparents or great grandparents the came from other countries.  They key here is that they emigrated legally.  The U.S. has a quota for each country that says how many from that country can emigrate to the U.S. in each year. These quotas exist for a variety of reasons.  The country can only reasonably absorb a certain number of immigrants at a time without it adversely affecting its citizens and economy.  Also when immigrants come into the country they need to be vetted to keep the bad people out and let the good people in.  I think if you just consider this on its own (without all the baggage the current immigration debate has) most people would agree that the idea is reasonable.  Now you may argue the numbers that are let in or some of the criteria of why they may get disqualified.  But the basic premise is not outlandish and is common with almost every other country.  None of this basic idea is based on race or religion.

The current debate about immigration has been going on for the last few decades.  Each party blames the other for the debacle and insists that they could fix it if it were not for the members of the other party.  Once again the wool is being pulled over your eyes.  The truth is that neither party wants to fix this problem, they and the ones in the background that are funding them are happy with the way it is.  The Republicans and their corporate supporters have profited greatly off the backs of the Mexican immigrants.  They have been able to employ these people for an eighth of the cost of an American worker.   Why would they want to change that?  The Democrats and their corporate backers have equally profited.  They figured out that with the millions of these people that were coming across the border all they had to do is convince them that they were on their side.  Once that was accomplished they and their future generations would change the demographics of American politics and ensure that the Democrats would dominate the political scene for years to come.

So who has been the losers in this battle?  The immigrants and the American people. The American people because when these employers were able to pay someone and eighth of what they had to pay and American citizen why would they employ Americans if the illegal immigrants were available to do the work.  Of course if you were a U.S. Citizen there were laws that protected workers.  Remember those unions that were such a part of the Democrat party had fought for years for workers’ rights.  They ensure a minimum wage, health insurance, a safe work environment, and fair treatment of the employees.  Well Republicans loved this because they were against the union’s power for a number of years.  So why would they want to fight to change anything?  They could bypass the unions and make more profits, what is there not to like?

Well those Democrats they are for the unions so why would they be for this?  They are also supposed to be the party of minorities.  Well that is kind of weird because the blacks in America have the highest unemployment rate so how could this be helping them?  The Democrats also portray themselves as the compassionate party.  The Republicans who were pretending all along to want immigration reform, but were profiting from the status quo, were really the un-compassionate party.  But wait let’s look a little deeper at this. During this period in American history there have been times when the Republicans held a majority in both houses and a Republican President. So they could have passed immigration reform right?  Well they are the un-compassionate party right?

But the weird thing is that there have been times that the Democrats have had the majority and a Democrat President.  Well that is strange why did they not fix the problem?  Well the problem would be the pesky laws.  You see the beauty about having these folks be illegal is that the laws are kind of a moot point. If the Democrats passed immigration reform then these people would fall under those quotas just like everyone else.  But then their number would be limited!  Well we don’t want that now do we.  If we keep things the status quo but meanwhile pretend that we are trying to fix the problem, we can increase the number of potential voter’s exponentially!  If we get amnesty for the ones that are already here but don’t actually fix the problem so more can come in well, jackpot!!!  If we attack those un-compassionate Republicans at the same time then we can appear as the compassionate party so we win again!

But is it really compassionate?  Since the Mexican immigrants were coming into the country illegally they are not afforded any of the protections those unions had fought for.  So this allowed the employers of these people to:

Pay them pennies on the dollar of what a U.S. citizen would make.

None of the workplace safety protections would apply.

The employer would not have to pay for their health insurance.

The worst thing due to the fact that these immigrants had entered the country illegally they would have no protection under the law for fear of being arrested and returned to their country. So they were often not paid after performing the work.  They were beaten, raped and under a constant threat of being turned in to the authorities if they said anything to the police.

Does anyone in their right mind think this is compassionate?  Another very politically corrosive thing the Democrats did was to connecting the immigration problem to race.    Anyone trying to fix the immigration problem was therefore a racist.  I know I may seem to be writing more about the Democrats but believe me they and the Republicans are equally as bad.  It is just that what the Republicans do is so obvious to see.  The Democrats are a little bit trickier so it takes a bit more of an explanation.

Well it looks like there will be a part III.

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